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Have something to share? Now you can contribute your blog entries. Simply sign up as a user, and adhere to the following guidelines. (This is an evolving work, and will be updated as necessary)



1. Articles (Post Entry)

  • Length: min. 100 words / max. 1000 words
  • Content must relate to chess or one of its aspects. (i.e. analysis, critical thinking, tactics, strategy, etc.)
  • Profanity is not acceptable

2. Images

  • Max. Size (general)-¬† width: 700px / height: 500px
  • Max. Size (in post)- 80% or 300px
  • Title your images (no file names)
  • No borders or captions (see Slide-show) in posts
  • For excerpts use the Excerpt Editor (see Excerpt Images)

3. Slide-show

  • To activate this feature edit the image after inserting it into your post. Under Advanced Link Settings look for ‘Link rel‘ and enter lightbox
  • Captions can be entered under Advanced Link Settings using the ‘Title’ line

4. Videos

  • Do not insert videos directly into a post
  • Send the embed code¬† and thumbnail pictures to the administrator at: info@mychesseveryday.com
  • A separate HTML page will be created for your video and the thumbnails will be edited to match the blog theme.

5. Excerpts

  • Use the Excerpt Editor on the User Dashboard
  • Max. text- 3 lines
  • Wrap the paragraph inside the following tags: <p style=”text-align:justify;padding-top:12px;”> </p>

6. Excerpt Images

  • Limit: 1 per excerpt
  • Max. Size – 75px
  • Insert before paragraph and align right
  • No hyperlinks (image automatically links to your post)
  • Example: <img class=”alignright” title=”yourtitle” src=”http://yourpost” width=”75″ height=”75″ />
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