Introducing Sayde

Sayde's Audition Tape

On August 23rd, 2007 my whole world was turned upside down as my wife gave birth to our daughter Sayde. This fragile helpless being depended on us for her every need. By instinct she latched on to her mother for food, and without hesitation she entrusted herself to our protection. The responsibility of taking a new human, from the basic programming that is imprinted in her DNA, to a fully functioning adult citizen of planet earth is an overwhelming thought. Which is why any parent will tell you to just take it one day at a time.

However, just like in the game of chess, you have to learn the balance of your choices and decisions. Every interaction I have with my daughter teaches her something–about me, herself, and her surroundings. Her brain, which is only 75% formed by the age of two, steadily absorbs information and makes new connections. Like a computer she then processes and executes ‘commands’, taking more time for things she is doing or saying for the first time. “Sayde, can you say ‘Biosphere’?” Silence. But four minutes later while I am feeding her lunch she says it.

One of the weaknesses that I see the world over is the understated importance of critical thinking. And as my daughter learns and interprets the world around her, it weighs heavy on me that we–her parents–encourage whatever processes are necessary to form independent ideas. So at the age of two our little one is starting to learn chess. I invite you to join her journey!

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    Lukas Andreas
  1. Lukas Andreas

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  2. Lukas Andreas
  3. Lukas Andreas

    Just a quick note: Pictures with Play icons on them are links to videos. Click on the picture of Sayde above to watch her audition tape for America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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