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Sayde at 27 Months Sayde is now 27 months old. Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about ranks, files, and diagonals. I soon came to realize, however, that this alone would not hold her interest. So we also worked on the names of individual squares, which led us into the path of the alphabet. Sayde has been watching the “Your Baby Can Read” series, and reads around a 100 words. But, the program intentionally steers away from highlighting individual letters. To help her identify the files and ranks we used stickies on the chess board, and to my surprise Sayde showed great interest in the letters. She  now recognizes most of a through h.

My main goal in covering these inglorious parts of chess is not full comprehension, but exposure. By spending time just focusing on single aspects of the game, it should become easier for her to follow instructions that involve moving pieces on the board. As we repeat the same movements again and again, we can assign those patterns names. And pretty soon she’ll be playing a chess opening like the Ruy Lopez.

Watch Sayde Play The Ruy LopezThat is how toddlers learn best, repetition. The new activity becomes familiar and comfortable. Its why kids love hearing the same bedtime story multiple times every night. Each time though, their little brains are working overtime—recognizing the patterns and making new connections.

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    Kelly Schultz
  1. Kelly Schultz

    Wow that is pretty impressive… I have tired to use the so your baby can read videos with my kids but have not have much success.. i should start using them again!!

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