The Pieces

Watch Sayde learn the chess pieces

Sayde loves playing “chestes”, as she calls it. Learning to identify the different chess pieces, the board they stand on, and their individual roles, are the first steps to mastering the great game.
Teaching these things to a toddler is a great privilege. If you ever have the opportunity, you will quickly notice that your own foundation of knowledge will be strengthened. It can be humbling to try and break concepts down to the level where a two year old grasps them. And even more so, when her intellect takes over and she makes the connection in spite of a mediocre explanation.
The two most important aspects of teaching young children are time, opportunity, and consistency. Wait, is that three?

  • Time – Lots of it and without deadlines for learning concepts
  • Opportunity- To play and experiment apart from the lessons
  • Consistency- Providing time and opportunity on a regular basis
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