Elegance Restored

Photo by Flickr User: Manuela~Chess has become the manifestation of a scale that measures man’s intellect against the machines he has built. Deep Blue, a program designed by IBM, gained fame and notoriety world wide when it defeated Chess Grandmaster (GM) Gary Kasparov in 1997. It was also around this time that most of the big chess websites made their debut on the internet.

The Status Quo

As you can imagine the “back-end” of an interactive online chess community is expansive and complex. Databases perform multiple tasks, such as tracking: Users, Games, Tournaments, Annotations, Puzzles, Openings, and Endgame Scenarios. Combine this with the insatiable appetite to play chess, that consumes most online users; and it becomes easy to see how the elementary designs of the “front-end” portions of very popular websites have persisted into the year 2009.

On page after page, users are assaulted with everything a website has to offer, leaving little room to show off the elegance of the game. Elegance? Yes, through photography, movie productions, through the creativity and imagination that fuel the minds of GMs. Where do you find that? In my personal search, I have had success finding this aspect buried in sites like YouTube, Flickr, QuoteDaddy, and every now and then as an afterthought on a chess blog. Perhaps, part of the answer also lies in the fact that due to the popularity of this game online, chess presents an easy opportunity to monetize through advertising. Google’s AdSense litters the ‘webscape’ of most sites, and even the more engaging “flash” advertisements are counterproductive to creating a relaxed and distraction-free environment. And this in my opinion is something that we the consumers are yearning for.

Moving Forward

Filtering through website after website, I am steadily finding undiscovered gems. And through this I have hit on a strategy for taking the idea, of bringing some class back to online chess, to new levels. Collaboration!
If anyone is to have a chance at impacting the online chess community, an individual effort will fall short in achieving real change. However, I think it is easy to see that partnered with like minded people, an opportunity exists to right an oversight that has endured far too long. The solution in my opinion is to form a counter culture, to organize rich chess themed content in one place, and in that way–to give the user a choice.

Author’s Note

I invite you to join with me in forming a counter culture to the status quo of online chess communities. Enjoy www.mychesseverydady.com, get inspired, and pass it on to people who need more beauty in their lives. What do you, the online chess user really want? Let’s find out together.

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    Lukas Andreas
  1. Lukas Andreas

    Welcome! Please feel free to join in the conversation. Anyone may comment. If you would like to upload an avatar please take a moment to Register. (Make sure you rename the picture to match your Username!)

  2. black hattitude
  3. black hattitude


    thanks for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

  4. Anonymous

    Agree with You.

  5. Alexandra
  6. Alexandra

    I wrote a similar blog about this subject but you did a better job :)

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